Our August meeting will be at Moraine AirPark in the classroom on Thursday, August 5 at 7:00 p.m. We have some important business, celebrations, announcements, and a guest speaker. Our guest speaker is Vic Bilek who will tell us about a German scientist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base after WWII who participated in “Project Paper Clip.” It promises to be a good story. You might remember Vic when he told us about his adventures in Russia and secret events that transpired.


March 2010 Meeting

Chapter 48 will hold it’s March 2010 meeting on March 4, 2010, 7 PM at Moraine Airpark. The Topic of the meeting will be Mark Dusenberry’s October 1, 2009 flights in his Wright Model III Flyer. Unfortunately Mark’s 2nd flight ended with a crash, leaving him with severe injuries. Bob Luken will show his videos the first flight, aircraft recovery, preparations for the second flight and the second flight.

The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders will hold their 68th Reunion at the National Museum of the Air Force, located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base April 15-19, 2010

For Additonal Information check the Greater Dayton EAA’s (GDEAA) Aviation Events page.

We had originally planned a meeting for revisiting the By-laws for Tuesday, Feb 2 at 6:30.  However, we are waiting for information from the EAA headquarters before we make any revisions.  So, this meeting has been postponed.  We will announce the reschedule date via email.
This is a brief reminder of the upcoming EAA 48 Chapter meeting on Thursday, Feb 4 at 6:30 (if you want to have a piece of pizza with us).
The business meeting will start at 7:00.
Items for discussion at the meeting include the following:
  • email  updates (please, check your email – verify its validity)
  • Please pay dues – $15.00
  • Food for monthly meetings – what are your thoughts?
  • By-laws (we might have more information by Thursday)
  • Hangar remodel (George will give us an update)
  • Funday Sunday ( Lets organize some committees with committee chairs)
  • Meeting programs – please come with ideas
  • Website update – Bob Luken will share his website research and possible webpage design
If you know that this email went to someone who doesn’t want EAA 48 emails or if you know of someone else who has accidentally been left out, please respond to this email so that we can keep our communication mechanism up-to-date.
We look forward to having everyone at the meeting on Thursday!
Terry L. Hesler
EAA 48 President

Paper Pilot Certificates Expire March 31, 2010

Pilots cannot exercise the privileges of their PAPER pilot certificates after March 31, 2010.
Certificates issued under 14 CFR Part 63 and 65 will expire March 31, 2013.

FAR 61.19(h) reads:
Duration of pilot certificates
. Except for a temporary certificate issued under §61.17 or a student pilot certificate issued under paragraph (b) of this section, the holder of a paper pilot certificate issued under this part may not exercise the privileges of that certificate after March 31, 2010.

To Change your certificate number from your SSN and request a replacement click here.

To Replace your Airmen Certificate click here.

If you still have your Social Security Number as your certificate number you will have to change that before ordering a replacement plastic Pilot Certificate first. You will need to allow a few days for that change to be effective before ordering your new plastic Certificate.

February Meeting

EAA Chapter 48 next meeting is scheduled for Thursday February 4, 2010 7 PM at Moraine Airpark